Sailing - My History - beyondeyelevel


Dad's friend Jim Aiken owned this 22 ft yacht, the "May" and Dad borrowed it on a number of occasions. I think this is Mum and Dad, but will get some software to help me see the faces better. These were the happy days of my parents courtship. It looks as though they are well reefed down on a fine day. I think this is an example of a Wollacott design with short ends, and built for New Zealand conditions. As a tiny tot I was to cruise on the May, and understand that my play pen was the forward cabin; you can see where I could pop my head up, and eat oysters...I'm told I learned the word "more" doing this. I think this photo is taken at the entrance to Islington Bay, Rangitoto long a favourite anchorage. Mum and Dad never quite explained why this was the case.