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"Kathleen Gillett"

Mum always told me that this was a photo of a famous yacht that Dad had encountered on his trips, and probably crossed paths with her during the "Wakaya" trip, though that is not recorded in his logs. We thought the yacht was named the "Katherine" sailed by Mr. Jack Earl and crew; one of the first to sail from New Zealand, but more likely Australia, to the islands. I think the previous photo shows Dad with the crew of the "Katherine" although we are not sure as Dad's mate from the War, Hutch is sitting in the cockpit. Do readers have any information? Newsflash, mystery solved, and please see the story "New Year's cruise to the Hawkesbury". Yacht is "Kathleen Gillett" and she is berthed at the Sydney Maritime Museum. An identical photgraph is posted dockside. This is a "double ender" which with its canoe stern was all the rage for ocean cruising in those days; and even was brought into the present with the popular Valiant 40 design. The yacht has been restored. This process has been somewhat controversial as important and valuable parts of the yacht have been removed, and the writer directs the reader to comment in the Australian soft cover publication "Afloat". The signatures of the crew are plainly seen. There is quite a history both of the yacht and its crew now published on the Net as the yacht is now an Australian icon.